Monday, December 10, 2007

Contest Spot 07


Emil said...

These look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Green Xmas Hellen! A green Xmas...what a great idea! America should learn from the rest of the world to keep this earth green and healthy.

Anyways, beautiful compositions/ colors are gorgeous/ would love to watch the ad! Put it up on youtube and send it to me :)

Which parts of this did you work on? The whole thing??

Hellen Lie said...

the whole thing indeed!.. i will definetly upload both spots...

well.. these are some of the reason im still in this industry.. yg laen asal mengkilap, glassy kesan 3d.. sparkle here n there nga jelas...

wht do u think.. can we survive mil?

MelFFM said...

Hi Hellen,
Great ; ) I love it.

Merry Xmas Mel

We've a green Xmas in Germany.